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This is the calculator for all small businesses that have company cars. This is important to consider carefully because when you own a small business it is central to what the company car will cost you overall, which will provide the basis for which scheme to use. More of this story:

You have to combine the company’s cost with your own private cost.

You have to combine the company

The calculator you find at the bottom of the article works so that you first enter the basics. After that, enter a specific cost and depreciation level at a certain mileage level. Finally, the cost picture will change as you change the mileage.

You go to the calculator here.

You go to the calculator here.

At the bottom of the calculator you can see what the car costs in total if the company owns it or you own it privately. The comparison is shown on a three-year basis.

The most important item when you own the car is the impairment. Here, a fall in value of 19%, 12% and 12% of the residual value has been added. What you can expect to get varies quite a lot depending on the make, model, equipment packages.
To see more detail about the costs, click Cost Details.

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