Is it safe to ask for personal credits online?

personal credit

It is increasingly common to buy things or hire services online . Especially when we have little time. However, there is always distrust of whether the product will be of the expected quality or if there will be no clause that we have not read.

This is because we are still accustomed to buying in stores while being face to face with the seller.
Asking for financing is no exception to this situation and doubts come to mind: will it really be safe to ask for a loan online ? However, more and more entities offer online credits in a convenient and simple way. However, the fact that it becomes commonplace does not automatically make it safe.

In the field of personal loans online just pay attention and not be seduced by any offer. There are numerous companies that offer fast loans through online in a completely legal and secure way . It is for this reason that we want to dedicate this article to present you some points to take into account when hiring these services online to be able to obtain money in a totally safe and calm way.


Information about the loan must be published on the website:

loan information

Credit information in Argentina must be published within everyone’s reach, because the Rose Bank obliges all institutions to give precise information about their products. Therefore, before hiring a loan online, make sure that the institution has the interest rates and costs receivable published on its page. This will not only give you confidence about the reliability of the institution but it will also make you not find yourself with surprise expenses. In addition, it is a backup to verify that the amount of interest payable is indicated from the outset.


Pay attention to confidentiality policies

Pay attention to confidentiality policies

On the other hand, we can verify if the financial entity with which we are going to work subscribes to the confidentiality policies that protect the information of its customers in compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (law 25.326) to guarantee the privacy of people. Likewise, they must not disclose the information provided to any external organization, unless requested by the judges in judicial cases, the Rose Bank of the Argentine Republic, the federal, provincial or municipal tax authority and / or the entities themselves financial for special cases, prior authorization of the BCRA.

In this way, all the information we provide to the entities (our salary receipts, our properties, etc.) are personal, confidential data and cannot be used or delivered to another entity.
It is also important to see what documentation is required and under no point of view should we grant bank passwords or security codes.


Verify that the financial company is a reliable company

Verify that the financial company is a reliable company

Another way to ensure that you are dealing with a serious credit house is that before applying for any loan online, make sure that you are talking to a company that has a declared address, that is registered with the AFIP and has a CUIT number. In this way, we will know that it is not a phantom company, but that we are working with a serious company and that, in the event of any irregularity, we will be able to resort to a state agency to support compliance with the agreement.

We hope this article is of interest! Do not hesitate to communicate for any question.

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